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Transform your School into a World-Class Academic Data Institution

iTranscript is the complete enterprise solution for tertiary schools looking to automate the entire transcript process from storage to request to delivery.

For Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education in Nigeria

  • Missing documents?
  • Destroyed records due to fire incidents or environmental accidents?
  • Long and tedious process of retrieving and delivering transcripts?
  • High cost of requisition and poor data integrity?.
Embrace digital adoption in your school to eliminate any problems with manual record processes and make life easier for both your staff and Alumni. 

Why iTranscript?

  • Increase your Internal Growth Rate by 1000% through monetization of transcript requests
  • Digitize all academic record archives of your institution by transforming physical student records into electronic form.
  • Embrace the stress-free option by eliminating cumbersome paperwork and ensuring seamless transcript processing and door-door delivery.
  • Accurate and Seamless record-keeping by improving the quality, integrity, safety, and availability of academic data.
  • Enable local and foreign payment with support for all major cards such as Mastercard, VISA, and Verve.
  • Convenient Financial Management through efficient funds handling and real-time transaction tracking.

Become a world-class institution with these features:

Transcripts Request and Processing Platform

We will build a seamless web portal that can be integrated into your website for alumni worldwide to process their transcripts online. From application to payment to delivery.

Central Record Management Warehouse

All your academic records (past and present) will be stored locally and in the cloud, making sure you never have to lose any student’s information, no matter the circumstances.

Academic Records Digitization Platform

Turn paper files and folders into digital documents. Your physical files will be digitized, verified, and synced to an online portal so school staff can access them on PC or mobile.

Online Payment and Delivery Platform

Collect payments from anywhere in the world so distance can never be a barrier to your alumni accessing their transcripts and your revenue can be tracked to eliminate corruption/leaks.

Business Intelligence and Data Delivery Module

Grow your institution’s intelligence and credibility with a central dashboard for collating, viewing, and analyzing student performance and data at regular intervals.

Testimonial from University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

Join Nigeria’s finest schools in Benefiting from iTranscript’s Digital Transformation.

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