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Powering Transcript Digitization for Alumni Prosperity


At iTranscript, we noticed that some of the processes in the educational sector were still manual, slow, bogged down with human error, and inadequate infrastructure. And most importantly, they had the effect of potentially jeopardizing the future of Nigeria’s students.

As a solution-driven company, we decided to tackle these challenges
one product at a time. So we started with a solution, one that could enable graduates to take advantage of the opportunities they’ve worked hard to get after they come out of school.

We launched iTranscript on the 20th of November 2012 in Nsukka to address this — building a product that asks the question “instead of a
manual process, can we make a transcript ready even before a graduate is ready to use it?”

So far, we’ve answered that question emphatically, recording over 10,000 successful transcripts delivered year on year since we started digitizing records officially in 2013.

Through our processing platform, tertiary alumni in Nigeria can easily collect their transcripts no matter where they are without stepping a foot out of their door. We promise speed, excellent service, and safety and we’ve never taken a step back on this.

Our end goal is that by doing this, we will enable millions of Alumnus to make the most out of post-graduate opportunities, helping them to build the future of their dreams.

iTranscript is shaping up to become the biggest accelerator for postgraduate growth and development, as the educational sector in Nigeria embraces digitalization.


Easy Transcript Processing So You Never Miss a Post-graduate Opportunity.

iTranscript is an automated service for processing your transcript from a tertiary institution in Nigeria and delivering it to any location of your choice.

We do this swiftly and securely through a network of well-trained agents spread across the nation — handling all of the manual procedures at pace, so you can receive your transcript with total convenience.

iTranscript is a product of our parent company, seamfix Ltda technology partner for thousands of global organizations on their journey of Digital Transformation for business growth and customer satisfaction.