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Get Your Transcript Online From any Nigerian Tertiary Institution

iTranscript is the fastest way to request and send your academic transcript from any tertiary school in Nigeria to any location in the world.

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Been Tough, But Getting your transcript shouldn’t be!

We know it can be frustrating to get your transcript from a Nigerian University. Sometimes you need inside connect to hasten the process, and other times you’re forced to pay “hoooge” money for urgency.

With iTranscript, Not anymore.
The Middleman to beat any manual transcript process in

Delivery, Speed and Convenience.

Our promise to you is excellent service as we go the distance to process your transcript, no matter the difficulties faced in your school.
  • Wave goodbye to stress, extortion, delayed service, and failed delivery
  • Say hello to ease, convenience, and speed
  • Make requests for your transcript on your mobile device from anywhere in the  world.
  • Easily make secure payments on the platform (accepts foreign currency)
  • Get your transcript delivered safely within the expected time
  • Do it all without stepping a foot out of your door with timely updates every step of the way.

Why Choose iTranscript?

Because you don’t like stress! Simple.
From the comfort of your home
No need to travel all the way to visit your alma mater and play admin politics. Just request on our platform and leave the rest to us. We gat you!
Request and relax

Trust that we are on top of it! We’d keep you posted on the status of your transcript application, in every detail, from start to finish.

Affordable and reliable​
We will not ask for more than the stipulated amount required to get your transcript. No urgent 2k, no hidden payments!
Super fast delivery
Location is not an obstacle, we can deliver your transcript to any part of the world in record time. Its fast and furious transcript delivery

How It Works

What You will Do Vs What We will do

What YOU will do…

Sign Up
Make your request with payment
Your transcript gets delivered to your home

What WE will do…

Contact your alma mater
Make payments on your behalf
Get access to your records
Track missing or displaced data
Follow up with departments
Confirm the accuracy of the results
Ensure it is rightly signed and approved
Process delivery
Monitor the journey until it is delivered

Become An Agent

Make money in your spare time by working with us to process transcripts— faster, in a school close to you.

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Digitize your School’s Records

iTranscript can also be integrated into any tertiary institution’s record-keeping, enabling the school to process credentials with the speed and security of digital technology.

Onboard your University

Available for every Nigerian school, for every Nigerian student.

We have testimonials from over 1000 Nigerian graduates who were saved from the stress of transcript wahala.

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